Janet Walcott

My passion to help has widened to countries that are poor such as those in the african nation came after l watched a documentary film about how children they live in Zimbabwe. I was so touched that l asked my friends and families for donations which l took to Zimbabwe. This as a result gave me the opportunity to access the situation for myself. The photos l took have been a great inspiration for me to continuously work to help these children and the adults as well. I have managed to collect loads of clothes which l want to send to Zimbabwe.

For a long time I have wanted to set up and run a charity. Four years ago I undertook and completed my NVQ 3 in Health and Social Care and NVQ 4 in management, and registered management, this gave me inner strength and confidence, which made me pray to God asking “what is his will for my life”? God revealed to me that I needed to look after his people. I didn’t understand what God meant by that.

Then a friend invited me on a trip to Zimbawae  which I found exciting and yet eye opening, to the way in which the people there have to live and work, yet so friendly, so welcoming and so proud, sharing the little food that they had with me. I remember someone offering me some roast sweet potato and me asking for some butter, their face said it all, they had no idea what I was on about, I found this experience completely embarrassing. On reflection after the trip I knew what God was asking me to do, therefore I began the foundations of the charity.

I began talking to friends, family, neighbours, work colleagues both here in the United Kingdom and abroad, spreading the word of the charity, and met somebody who does work for a community magazine called Moseley B13. In August an article about myself and the charity was printed in the magazine, together with an article in my workplace newsletter.”






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