Hello guys, today i have good news very good news,thanks to your gracious donations Giving back to god is now operating in Gambia. halle lu jah! thanks to our Gambian correspondent Sanna 002203851500 check our gallery for a candid shot of him dont forget to check our gallery regular for updates on the lives we change ?

Letter of thanks

Hi Janet

I would like to thank you for the good gesture of love you showed to our church, Harvest Time Ministries Madziwa. Your gift came at the right time.  It’s no secret that our country was undergoing economic challenges for the better part of the last decade. The family unit was affected by challenges to the extent that parents had to make difficult decisions which seen out of context would be seen as negligence to their children.

Our Diet was changed instead of us eating a balanced diet we would eat a starch based diet mostly because the food was not there. If the food was there it was very expensive to buy. I still remember the time when we would eat only Sadza (Pap) and boiled vegetables only some would go to bed without having eaten anything, some would survive on eating roasted wheat or roasted soya beans or roasted maize.

We couldn’t also buy clothes as they were beyond our reach. I was working at the time and I couldn’t even afford to buy clothes because my money went to buy food only. At times the bus fare required to go to Bindura from Madziwa to get my salary was 2 times my salary. This was how difficult our situation was at the time you came.

From the clothes you brought I was given a shirt and trousers. I could have been given more but my situation was better than that of others. I remember clearly how Israel Gunde a student by then was given sports shoes and clothes to use. He was very happy as he had none left. In schools there is the problem of students showing off. It was difficult for him having to face his obvious poverty at school. By the glory of God he is now a Pastor. His younger Brother Phillip who was also given shoes and clothes is now at college studying Electronic Engineering. The junior church also benefited from your donation.

On behalf of everyone I would like to say thank you for the support you gave us in our time of great need, may the lord we serve bless you greatly.

On another note, it is a pleasure to inform you that the Madziwa church is soldiering on. The building project of the church has started. Toilets have been erected and the next stage is the foundation. The church is also growing in numbers and the quality of life is also changing by the grace of God.


Joy Reppoh

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